Hotdesking and space booking, without the hullabaloo.

Make it simple for your hybrid team to come and go to the office with our real-time desk-reservation system. With interactive floorplans, employees can easily book a desk or room on the day or reserve a desk in advance for multiple days.

Perfect for businesses big and small.

Whether you’ve got 1 office with 10 people or a team of thousands with multiple offices globally, Viewteam scales to fit your business. Our simple, all-in pricing model is based on the number of users. There are no pricing tiers and no restricted features, just one price for all with everything included.

  • Configure unlimited office locations, workspaces, desks and users.
  • Add and remove as many users as you like.
  • Adjust desk capacity as required.

Booking is easy for everyone.

Click. Click. Booked. Your team can book desks on the go for maximum flexibility, in as little as 2 clicks. Viewteam’s intuitive interface makes picking the perfect workstation quick and painless with at-a-glance availability. Plus, you can easily keep track of all your bookings and manage them in one place.

  • See who else is in on each day.
  • Book desks for yourself, your co-workers, visitors and guests.
  • Set your preferred location and workspace.

Data dashboards brimming with insights.

Data analytics are embedded within your admin account. View desk or room booking history to track usage and trends, and look back to find out who was booked in on a certain date. Keep a close eye on desk capacity and desk-utilisation rates, so you can make sure your office runs smoothly.

  • Quick view of key booking data.
  • Select a workspace and space type from the drop-down menu for deep-dive analysis.
  • Check past usage by day, week, month, and year.

Tag users with roles, responsibilities or their teams.

Use descriptive tags to identify those with key business compliance responsibilities such as first aiders and fire marshals, or to show roles, departments and job titles. It’s totally flexible and super useful, making workplace connections easier for everyone.

Multiple-location management.

Ideal if you have more than one location either in the same city, country or internationally. Let your team book a desk in any workspace across all your offices. Upload photos of all your offices as a quick visual reference for your team.

Assigned desks and team zones.

Reserve desks and other spaces so they can only be booked by a specific individual or defined groups of employees. Create team zones / neighbourhoods so your teams can sit together within defined workspace areas.

Customise desk and room amenities.

Tag each desk, room or space with its available amenities such as monitor, standing desk, phone, network access or video conferencing. Simply add whatever resources and equipment you need and assign an icon from the built-in icon library. Now your employees can book the space that’s just right for their needs.

Designed to enable better team connections.

Interactive floorplans

Quickly view and move around floor plans to search for a desk or room and check availability. See who is booked in and zoom in for more detail via the intuitive interface.

See who’s in the office

Easily see who is already booked into a workspace on any day so you can plan your time in the office. Pick a desk near your colleagues or get your team together so you can connect with them.

Book for co-workers and guests

Save time and take full control by booking desks or rooms for your teammates, guests or visitors, or just book an extra desk for yourself if you need more space.

See it in action.

The quickest way to showcase how Viewteam can help your enterprise is with a whistle-stop tour of our favourite features. Watch our video and if you like what you see, the good news is you can try it out for 30 days, for free.