Enabling the world of hybrid working.

We give companies with a hybrid working environment, a powerful cloud-based software tool to enable their employees to quickly and easily book desks, rooms and parking spaces when they come into the office.


Where it all started.

We’ve been there. We were at the place you are now. Looking for a desk-booking solution that could meet our hybrid working needs but, at the time, we could not find a solution that was right for us.

We started working on Viewteam back in 2020 with the aim to create a flexible, scalable space booking platform that would work for any size of business. Right from the start we wanted to build a product that was built around not just the users, but also the practical requirements of running a company with a hybrid workforce.


Better workplace experiences.

We understand that giving employees the ability to quickly and easily book spaces in the office is just one side of the coin. As a hybrid working company ourselves, we know flexible working throws up a number of practical business challenges to consider around connection, collaboration, culture and compliance. We’ve built some useful features into Viewteam that help with this based on our own real-world experiences.


Making hybrid working, work for you.

Our mantra has always been to keep it simple. Even though Viewteam is a super powerful tool behind the scenes, it is designed to work seamlessly within your normal daily workflow. From the speed and ease of setting Viewteam up for your company, through to the space booking experience for your team and the single, all-in monthly subscription, every part of Viewtream is optimised to make life easier.

Hybrid flexible working is here to stay. And we’re here to help you make it work for your company.

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