The desk and room booking system for modern workplaces.

Hybrid working runs smoother with Viewteam. Enable your team to book desks, find meeting rooms, or even reserve parking spaces. Easily see who’s in each day, with user tags to show roles such as first aiders and key holders.


Book desks and rooms in seconds.

Whether you need to book a meeting room for an hour, a desk for the day, or a parking space for the week, Viewteam makes it easy to reserve the space you need.


Tailored to your business.

Turn your floor plans into interactive maps and, with our simple tagging system, you can modify every bookable space and user profile to meet your company’s bespoke needs.


Scale as required.

There’s no limit to the number of workspaces or users you can have within your Viewteam account. Need to change desk capacity? Want to remove users? Looking to add a new office location? You can.


Manage workplace capacity with ease.

Make well-informed decisions about how to get the best value from your hybrid offices. Viewteam’s user-friendly dashboard visualises all the important utilisation and capacity metrics – by day, week, month, and year.


Microsoft Teams integration.

Use Viewteam via a web browser or deploy it quickly and easily across all your staff with our seamless Microsoft Teams app integration. Slotting neatly into your existing ecosystem, Viewteam is designed to become part of your normal daily workflow. Always at your fingertips, quick to book and simple to access via Teams on a desktop or mobile device.

A frictionless desk and room booking experience for your team.

See who else is in the office

See who else is booked in the office at a glance, so you can plan your days to be in with your team or to sit near colleagues.

Interactive seating plans

Easily navigate around the seating map for each workspace. Zoom in and pan around to see who else is booked in, check desk and room availability and find the space you want.

View desk and room resources

Help your team to find the desk or meeting room that’s right for them by identifying what equipment and amenities are available at the desk or within the room.

Pick your favourites

Make booking even faster by selecting your favourite location and workspace. Viewteam will take you straight to it every time you log-on.

Book for colleagues

We’re all about collaboration and making life easy. If you have a team meeting in the office, one person can book all the other members of the team in. It’s quicker and more efficient.

Book for guests

If you have a customer or visitor coming in for the day who needs a desk, you can book one for them. No need to set up another user or ask an admin person to do it for you.

Take the tour

Powerful features for your business.

Multiple offices? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you have a single site or multiple offices in one country or internationally, you can view them all on one page. Add photos for each location to help easily identify them, and quickly review all workspaces to see how many desks or rooms are available to book on any given day.

Assign roles and teams with user tags – it’s good to know who’s who.

Viewteam gives you and your employees effortless visibility of all the important stuff, helping users see peoples’ roles and helping your company stay compliant with internal processes and regulations. Easily assign tags to users to identify core responsibilities such as first aiders, fire wardens, wellbeing ambassadors or key holders.

Allocate reserved desks or rooms and create team zones.

Allocate desks to selected individuals so that only they are able to book into that desk or room, for example reception, personal office or an edit suite. Easily create dedicated zones for teams or departments within the office space.

"We’ve been using Viewteam for over a year and it’s transformed how our hybrid team use the office space. No more clumsy spreadsheets or people coming in to the office without a desk to sit at."

Director, Torpedo

Your questions, answered.

Make the desk booking experience simple with Viewteam. Say goodbye to desk chaos and hello to efficient workspace management. Our user-friendly software empowers your team to work smarter. Ready to revolutionise your workspace? Get started with Viewteam today!

Hybrid working refers to a work arrangement that combines elements of remote work and traditional in-office work. In a hybrid working model, employees have the flexibility to divide their time between working from a physical office location and working remotely, often from home or other remote locations. This approach fosters a balance between professional and personal life, allowing employees to enjoy increased flexibility while maintaining some level of face-to-face interaction.

Using a desk booking system is like having a personal assistant for your workspace. Imagine being able to pick your favourite desk in the office with just a couple of clicks! No more worries about whether there is a space available when you go in. It’s not just about convenience; it’s a game-changer for teamwork too. Your team are empowered to choose where, and with whom, they want to sit in the office, so they can be more collaborative and productive. A desk booking system really does enable effective hybrid working, simplifying and improving the employee experience, whilst helping to optimise workspace utilisation.

Your team can log into the Viewteam platform, quickly view available desks and rooms on an interactive floor plan, select the one they want to book on any given date or time, and make a booking. Viewteam updates in real-time to make sure there are no double bookings.

No problem. With Viewteam you can add as many locations as you need and easily name them to identify the location. And, only with Viewteam, you can upload pictures of each location or office so your team can quickly find the one they need, with a nice visual reminder of how it looks.

Yes. Viewteam allows you to add bookable meeting rooms that your team can book for whatever time they need. You can also identify capacity for each room and assign tailored tags to highlight the amenities available such as large display screen, whiteboard or video conferencing. Plus other members of your team can easily see who has booked each room and find empty slots to book.

Absolutely! We offer a completely free 30-day trial period. No credit card required. This gives you access to the full Viewteam platform so you can see how easy it is to use and try out all the features. You don’t need to book a demo or anything like that, just register here and you’ll be up and going within a few minutes.

Absolutely, no problem. Obviously we hope you won’t, but with Viewteam you have the flexibility to cancel whenever you wish. If you do cancel your Viewteam subscription, you will continue to have full use and access of your Viewteam account until the end of the billing period in which you cancelled. We do not give credit back for the remainder of the billing period after you have cancelled.

Your data security is our priority. Viewteam has been designed from the ground-up applying industry best-practice to ensure your data is kept secure. Our data centres are located in the UK and hosted by Amazon Web Services, and data is encrypted to industry standards. This means we keep our customers’ data compliant with the latest GDPR safety requirements. Microsoft Single Sign-on and 2-factor authentication are built into Viewteam for extra peace of mind should you wish to use them. Please see our Data Security Schedule for more information.

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